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Dr. Greeshma Gireesh

General Practitioner

Dr. Greeshma Gireesh, a seasoned General Practitioner, is dedicated to ensuring the well-being of her patients through a combination of experience and a heartfelt commitment to their care. With a careful and reliable approach, Dr. Greeshma Gireesh strives to deliver the highest standards of healthcare. Her passion for clinical governance is evident in her keen attention to detail, valuing an environment built on trust and confidence.

More than just a medical practitioner, Dr. Greeshma Gireesh assumes the roles of a medical counsellor and a nutritional advisor. Similarly her talent extends to performing minor surgical procedures, showing skills in tasks such as endotracheal intubation and ECG reading, and a diverse range of skills contributing to a complete healthcare experience.

As a general practitioner, Dr. Greeshma Gireesh excels in examining patients, diagnosing common illnesses, and handling or prescribing appropriate treatments for various febrile, acute and chronic diseases. She is adept at addressing patient health-related queries, maintaining proper follow-ups, and nursing treatment therapy. Moreover, she administers medication and conducts minor procedures for injuries and infections.

Experienced in the acute management of medical and surgical emergencies,
Dr. Greeshma Gireesh has a notable talent. Specifically, she has handled medico-legal cases, showcasing skill in cases such as road traffic accidents, homicides, assaults, and suicides. Also her skill extends to evaluating, diagnosing, and effectively handling acute and critically ill patients. Especially her skills are in procedures like bone marrow aspiration, pleural tapping, ascitic tapping, and intrathecal administration of chemotherapy drugs. Possessing a DHA license to practice as a general practitioner, Dr. Greeshma Gireesh express a commitment to providing complete and patient-centered healthcare, ensuring the well-being and satisfaction of those under her care.


Medical Counseling and Nutritional Advisory
Well-Rounded Patient Care
Accurate Diagnosis and Treatment
Emergency Medical and Surgical Expertise
Medico-Legal Expertise


Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) , Vinayaka Mission Kirupananda Variyar Medical College, Salem – 2011
Certificate of Compulsory Rotatory Resident Internship -2012