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Dr. Suparna Kalathil

Aesthetic General Practitioner

Dr Suparna Kalathil is a highly skilled aesthetic general practitioner, who seamlessly blends medical expertise with an artistic touch to enhance the well-being and aesthetic appeal of her patients. With a certification as an Aesthetic Medicine Specialist and a broad background in various aesthetic procedures, including P.R.P., Mesotherapy, Micro-needling, Chemical Peels, and Skin Boosters, Dr Suparna Kalathil is dedicated to boost natural beauty and developing overall wellness.

Dr Suparna Kalathil maintain her commitment to delivering exceptional patient results by bringing accurate and caring approach to every procedure. Her ability is not only returned in her technical skills but also in her ability to verify and manage various conditions. She excels in working together with teams involving various fields , matching her commitment to taking care of the whole patient.
In addition to her clinical skills, Dr Suparna Kalathil has a proven track record in financial management, staff training, and hospital committee leadership. She completed the Hands-on Training Certification Course in Non-Surgical Aesthetic Medicine from the esteemed Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine, further Improving her skills and experience .
Dr Suparna Kalathil actively commits to ongoing education, consistently updating herself on the latest advancements in the dynamic field of aesthetic medicine. Although she goes beyond treatments; she actively promotes preventive health measures.
With a passion for excellence and a focus on promoting well-being, Dr Suparna Kalathil combines technical proficiency with a caring touch , make sure her patients receive the highest standard of care in aesthetic medicine.


BOTOX Applications such as Forehead, Glabella, Crow’s Feet, Masseter, Gummy Smile etc
Dermal Fillers
Platelet-Rich Plasma(PRP)
Chemical Peels
Skin Boosters
Laser Treatments.
General Practitioner
Chronic Conditions


Diploma In Aesthetic Medicine from C.B.A.M. – (Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine™) – I.M.A. Dubai
M.B.B.S. from Malabar Medical College Hospital & Research Centre Calicut, Kerala, India